Find Your Neighborhood Pricing

Find Your Neighborhood has an annual membership investment of $199
plus a one time set up investment of $25 per page.

Requirements To Be A Member

IDX website, not included in our membership investment.
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Benefits Of Membership

  • All prospects are directed to your website immediately upon clicking on an IDX link of yours.
  • Nationwide database of properties and collaboration
  • Affordable worldwide and local advertising
  • Combined marketing benefits of licensees worldwide
  • Exclusive member listing in our directory
  • Exclusive marketing in a city, we only market for one licensee per city
  • Low set annual investment for an entire city, NOT per zip code, or device type, or partial leads.
  • First right to renew your city as long as you are paid on time and in good standing with the state licensing authority, MLS, and have and IDX website.

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